Where are the Alternatives

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If you ask most Sharm Dive Guides where ‘The Alternatives’ are – they will reply around the corner from Ras Mohamed just before Sha’ab Mahmoud, but at Marina Divers Sharm we have a different set of alternatives. Yes it is true to say that the Sharm Dive Guides are correct and the real ‘Alternatives’ are a popular set of seven coral heads also known by the Bedouins as ‘Sabah el Botosh’ the last in the chain being known as ‘Stingray Station’.
So why do Marina Divers Sharm have other alternatives? We are talking about different dive sites, different dives from the daily ‘norm’. These days so many dive centres visit the standard sites, dive guides are trained by their predecessors who if they have not dived alternative sites will not pass on the information. This just means if you are a repeat guest you will dive the same sites in the same direction at the same depths and be shown the same feature formations, time after time.
At Marina Divers Sharm we have ‘The Boss’ who has been diving the Sharm sites for 23 years. He is also good friends with some of the Bedouin skippers who have sailed these seas for many years more. Fishermen without even dipping their heads below the surface know almost by instinct where coral reefs and coral heads are – this is traditionally because of the richer fishing areas.
If you are an Advanced Diver and you book with us you will have a chance to try our alternatives. Dive ‘Ras Frank’ near the Straits of Tiran, take a speed boat and dive the wreck of ‘The Million Hope’, for a fast and furious fly dive jump in on the back of ‘South Lagoona’ and fly to the ‘North Lagoona’ dipping in to the turquoise blue waters of the shallow entrance. Another fantastic dive which is rarely guided is the awesome Woodhouse to Jackson and then there is ‘Ras Gomma’. How many times have you had the chance and experience of diving Ras Mohamed by land or popping up to the Nabq protectorate for shore diving. If you want some alternative dives then Marina Divers Sharm is the place to be – after all Scuba diving is supposed to be adventurous, explorative and fun.