Private Dive Guide – is it for you?

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If you are familiar with diving in the Red Sea, you will know that it is the ‘norm’ to be guided by a professional dive guide regardless of your certification level.  There are a few reasons for this Red Sea ‘benchmark’; one is because we want to show you the best features of the reef, two is; we as professional dive guides have more experience at spotting stuff and the third is for safety; some of the conditions can sometimes be a bit tricky.

At Marina Divers Sharm we try to have small dive groups and try when possible to put people together with similar experience levels.  After all, you are on holiday and there is nothing worse than being buddied with an ‘air-hog’ only to find you dive is cut to 20 minutes.  Sometimes following the group can be frustrating, especially if you have other ideas for the dive; as an example you want to go out into the blue or you want to go slower as you have a camera.

In this case have you ever considered paying a little extra for a private guide? Most people assume that a private guide is for divers who need that little bit of extra help.  This is in some circumstances is true.  If your buoyancy is a little rusty but you really really want to experience the wall of Shark Reef you might be told you can only go if you have a private guide.

However why not look at booking a private guide in a different light.  Would you consider booking a dive with Frank the owner of Marina Divers Sharm? He has years of experience and knows the reefs like the back of his hand.  By paying a little extra you can do some different dives, which might not be suitable for the whole group.

With a private guide you can easily do a dive in the blue searching for the big stuff, you can jump separately from the main group and also be the first to enter the water, you can dive to your decompression limit and air consumption and you can have more chance of having close encounters with some of the marvels of the Red Sea.

So next time you come diving with Marina Divers Sharm, think about hiring a private dive guide for the day and experience some of the best dive sites like Thistlegorm, Shark and Yolanda and the reefs of the Straits of Tiran as a buddy pair, with your buddy being the expert dive guide.

For more information on private guides please drop us an email.