Private Boat

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Have you ever considered booking a private boat charter for your SCUBA diving and snorkelling activities?  It seems quite excessive and very luxurious but in Sharm el Sheikh with Marina Divers Sharm it is quite possible and within a reasonable budget especially if you have a group of divers.

If you are a dive club and organising a group SCUBA trip a private boat is the best option.  It is not only the luxury of having private facilities but also provides a welcome relief from the logistics of organising your group and their individual requirements.   With a private boat you as the group leader can choose the time you leave from the jetty.   Just imagine you can take advantage of early morning departures and dive on quiet empty reefs.  A dawn dive in Tiran is an amazing experience and gives your guests an unforgettable memory with almost a guarantee of a next year booking.

If your group has enjoyed a ‘diver’s night’ in one of the local watering holes, you can arrange a late departure.  This also works well with a combination of including a night dive from the boat.  You can head out at 2pm, allowing your group a little RnR before, dive two day dives, watch the magnificent sunset over the Red Sea and then do a night dive followed by dinner on the boat.  

These type of dive arrangements can only be organised with a private boat.  It gives you as the group leader and Instructor more flexibility to organise courses like the PADI Open Water Advanced course, Discover SCUBA diving, and Specialities.

The other benefits of a private boat is equipment can stay on board and doesn’t need to be moved back and forth, you can choose where you dive and your group doesn’t have to work around other snorkelers, divers, intros etc.

Private boats are perfect for private groups and also if you do have the ‘faloush’ perfect for individuals who want the extra special experience of a luxury charter with a private guide.

Marina Divers Sharm can organise private boats for groups, individuals for weekly or daily rates including breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on your departure time.