Ras Mohamed with the Boss

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Well most people who know Mr. Frank know that in recent months he has passed most of the underwater tasks to Devin, and has swapped his fins for his golf clubs.  Ah ha this is not strictly true as he is back in the water.  Only the other day he donned his fins and went to Ras Mohamed National Park for not just one dive but three.
We think the fish were happy to see him as he clocked three turtles, schooling snapper, barracuda, and some massive tuna.   It is the slow beginnings of the schooling season but normally it doesn’t happen on mass until July/August.   It seems that with fewer boats out at the top dive sites, and therefore less divers and engine noise, that the fish are already gathering on mass.   Other Diving Instructors are clocking Mantas on a regular basis, and on the way back from the Straits of Tiran there are plenty of sightings of Spinner Dolphins.

So Marina Divers Sharm reckons you should all take a leaf out of the wise Mr. Frank’s book – grab your gear and come on down to Sharm for not one but at least three dives at Ras Mohamed or the Straits of Tiran to catch the fishy action, or if this doesn’t appeal to you, maybe a spot of underwater golf would do 😉  apparently there is a specialty course in it.