Living the dream

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You quite often hear the phrase ‘living the dream’ in Sharm el Sheikh, or overhear a conversation were a diver asks his/her dive guide ‘what’s it like living in paradise?”.   If dreams came true it would be paradise, and many days spent in Sharm el Sheikh are paradise, but to experience this, and to be able to afford the cost of living, a lot of hard work has to be put in.

So what does it take to be a successful dive master and to live the dream?  It is not only about doing the course, ticking the right boxes, and getting the badge, there is a whole lot more.  It is quite possible to achieve the status of a Dive Master within a couple of weeks, sign up for the course and you can be done, however if you wish to become a working Dive Master that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

The best way of achieving this is to look for a dive center, which offers internships (which Marina Divers Sharm does).  It’s important to understand that during this time, you will not only learn the theory set by the Dive Training Agent, but also learn the ropes. Some DMT’s as the are affectionately known as or Dive Master Trainees complain bitterly about being used as a slave.  Joking aside be prepared to work hard.  Sometimes living the dream can mean humping tanks back and forth, sitting watching the compressor slowly fill the next days supply, or washing loads of stinky kit.   This is all good training and will serve you well when once qualified you encounter that customer who really does think you are his slave.

By signing up for an internship you will also learn logistics, which funny enough are not in the manual.  You will learn how to juggle various levels of divers and also keep good timing.  If you have to be back at the jetty by five, you must work out how to complete the several different dives, supervise the snorkellers, collect lunch money, count tanks, shuffle boxes, answer questions like ‘what’s it like living in paradise’ and most importantly all with a smile.   If it sounds like you thing and you want to have a shot at living the dream then dare to become of DMT.