Discount diving – What do you get?

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Competition among dive centers in Sharm is hotting up, which for the visiting diver could appear to be a good thing. To be honest it is no secret that our main source of income in Sharm el Sheikh ‘Tourism’ has taken quite a turn in the wrong direction.  It looks like it is the survival of the fittest and in some cases it is fairly new companies who are sweeping the floor with dramatic price cuts; but before you book what does your super discount diving cut mean? Is it better to stick with who you know and the quality you know before shopping around? 

As most of you know, Marina Divers Sharm has been around for a long time.  We are not a big center and we have never planned to be – we are a quality, small and friendly center with a fantastic family feel.  In fact if you join our boat at the weekend you will more than likely find the complete Mergl family on board doing their bit for Marina Divers. 

Marina Divers Sharm prides themselves on their in-depth local knowledge of the Red Sea.  Frank, who has been working as an Instructor for 20 odd years in the Red Sea, knows sites that many dive guides have never heard of.  Have you dived ‘Gomaa’ reef, do you know the saddle between Woodhouse & Jackson, do you know the best hour to jump and where to jump on a drift?  These are all small details which are looked after by the team, which make all the difference to your diving day.

With this vast experience of the sea and the dive sites you will have some amazingly different dives.  Frank always passes his knowledge on to his team of Instructors and Dive Guides, one of which is his son Devin, who has been working as an Instructor in the Red Sea for the past five years.  Even in the strongest, flying currents diving with Devin and Frank or the rest of the team is always a chilled out experience – whether you are a seasoned diver or a novice you are always feel save in their hands.

Frank’s two younger sons are also on the boat most weekends and even at their young age are comfortable and accomplished divers.  Ask them for a set of 38-39 fins or ask them what is the best way to stop your mask fogging up and they will happily help you. Give it another few years and they may also be Instructors with Marina Divers Sharm.

This is what makes your day on the boat different with Marina Divers Sharm; our team (including Frank’s youngest sons) welcome you and make you feel at home.  We have even learnt Russian so we can chat to all of our guests.  At Marina Divers Sharm we adapt the day around our guests offering different dives and solutions.  So next time you think about shopping around for discount diving deals – think first and then decide what you will get for your money.  It doesn’t always come down to what change is left in your pocket but sometimes how enriching the experience is.